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Ron White was born in Gateshead and lost his mother when he was 2 years old. He then went to live in Suffolk in a Dr Barnados home, as at the time single working fathers received no help for childcare. Ron saw his first violin as a child at a concert in the village hall and was fascinated by it. He was given a tin violin for Christmas.

When a stepmother came on the scene Ron returned to Keighley to be reunited with his father and stepmother. Ron's father paid for his violin lessons at school, and reaching 18 he joined the Royal Horse Guards playing violin and clarinet. Ron was in the Queen's coronation procession in 1953, and played violin in the guards orchestra entertaining at many royal occasions. After leaving the army he was active in all kinds of music playing violin ,clarinet and saxophone, as well as conducting bands and orchestras, entertaining at American Air Force bases, folk clubs and jazz groups.

There are many amusing stories to tell of Ron's musical life, and he was very light-hearted in all his musical activities - a great entertainer!

The violin was Ron's real love, and becoming skilled at restoration he repaired and made several violins.

Ron was an all-round musician. He deputised as a conductor for Brian on the rare occasions when Brian was held up. Ron enjoyed playing music across the whole spectrum from pop to jazz to stage and symphonic classical. Most memorable perhaps was his rendition of "After You've Gone" where he performed in a style reminiscent of Stephane Grapelli. This was perhaps Ron's most iconic violin solos with the FCO.

Sadly Ron passed away in mid 2022.


Leader/Concertmaster 2004 - 2014